Around a year ago I started this blog, BabyBrainSydney, as a bit of hobby; to kickstart some new ideas for career progression beyond the baby years of motherhood. For a good 6 months, it has served as my 'me time', a chance to flex my creativity and feel productive outside of mothering. But you may have noticed that it has been severely neglected in the last few month. And there are a few reason for that....


1. Firstly, I started the blog once Farley was weaned off breastfeeding and when she started sleeping through the night, independently at 18months. Prior to that our nights were all about bed sharing and breastfeeding-to-sleep. At this point in time, I was also 3 months pregnant with Hallie and I always knew that starting a blog about getting out and about in Sydney with a toddler maybe be a little difficult to maintain once I also had a newborn in the mix. But to be honest, for the first 3 months of Hallie’s life, it was pretty easy to get out and about with both toddler and baby. And i was also able to find a couple of hours at night to work on the blog. Hallie was a pretty deep sleeper for those first few months, once she was asleep, she was asleep for a solid couple of hours before needing her next feed, even while in her Pavlik Harness. But that all changed around the 4 month mark... the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, which was combined with her first cold and closely followed by teething ( she now has two little bottom teeth ). The 4 month sleep regression really meant nothing with Farley... sleep was alway a challenge from birth with her. But I really noticed it with Hallie. I went back to the only way I know how to survive with a little sleep fighter... breastfeeding to sleep and then, more often than not, having my arm trapped under a sleeping baby, too scared to move it incase she wakes up again. The nights that I do manage to creep out of the bedroom, it's anyones guess when she will wake up again... 20 seconds? 20 minutes? Maybe 2 hours if I’m lucky. Some nights it’s just easier to stay put. 7:30pm is my new bedtime. It’s how we made it through Farley’s first year without to much stress or sleep deprivation ( I’m not one to attempt any sort sleep training at this stage... that topic could be a whole other blog post in and of itself ) my main focus is doing whatever it takes to make sure everyone in the family is well rested and happy, even if that does mean my creative endeavours are put on hold for a bit. 

2. The other major reason my blog has lost a bit of momentum is, well firstly, let’s face it, it is quite a challenge to even leave the house with a baby and a two year old by yourself. And Farley now, as a two year old, is a lot differently to Farley as an 18 month - 24 month old. My gosh, toddler emotions are a whole new ball game. Farley has always been a very introverted kid, in fact she was an introverted baby. She wouldn't let just anyone hold her and cried if strangers got too close. She seemed to come out of her shell a bit once she was walking but things changed again at the age of two. Admittedly it was when Hallie arrived in her life so things were definitely shaken up. I was really ambitious about getting out and trying all sorts of new mothers groups and playgroups, I had even compiled a list off the toddler playgroups and sessions that are hosted by museums and art galleries in Sydney, with the intention of attending and reviewing each one for the blog. But Farley had other plans, and those plans were to just stay home. Any new activity seemed to send her into meltdown mode, other kids coming within her personal space seemd to be just too much. And this was on top of all the medical appointments that were required to monitor Hallie’s hip dysplasia. I quickly realized that I was over scheduling our lives and needed to re-prioritise. We still go to the local playgroup twice a week that we’ve always gone to since moving to Sydney, it’s familiar and friendly, and to be honest.. it’s my main form of social interaction. We also still go out as a family on weekends but other than that, I have embraced keeping it simple and staying at home most weekdays. It’s kind of ironic that a Mum who wants to write about exploring Sydney with a toddler; has a toddler who would much prefer to stay home . 


3. When I started blogging, it’s was mainly a creative outlet, a place to continue using the skills I had acquired over the course of my career, but also a way to teach myself new skills and explore new career paths, like writing and generating an income through blogging; with things like affiliate links and sponsored posts and ads banners. I quickly realised that it would be a hard slog before anyone was going to pay me to write articles for them or generate a following worthy of sponsored posts. I thought to myself, how can I work smarter, not harder? So then I started looking into e-commerce and online stores. One thing that kept coming up was, well two things actually, were doTERRA and network marketing. I kept seeing doTERRA essential oils popping up everywhere and I didn’t quite get how all these people could have a doTERRA business. I had also come across a few people who had created a lot of wealth through network marketing and I was like ‘what does that even mean?!’ Then, as if the universe was literally guiding me down a new path, one of my good friends in Sydney, Miranda, invited me to a doTERRA class. I had a very basic knowledge of essential oils and was interested in finding ways to naturally help Braino’s extreme eczema, amongst other things. So I went along, bombarded poor Emma and Liz with way too many questions, bought some oils and started on a quest to figure out how the business side of it work. I quickly figured out that doTERRA is network marketing and it’s actually pretty fascinating. I’ve also been using essential oils in every way I can. I can honestly say I love them; they have helped make some big changes to our life. Mainly when it comes to reducing the toxic load in our household cleaning and hygiene products (Braino has been loving the all natural hand cream I made him, which helps relieve the discomfort of his eczema).  So basically I’ve been dedicated a lot of time to essential oils and researching how network marketing works - so watch this space... things are evolving.  

4. Another reason for neglecting BabyBrainSydney.com, possibly the biggest reason, is.... we may actually be leaving Sydney! And moving to Melbourne. The idea has been thrown around a bit over the last few months, it was all systems go at one stage and but now it’s in a bit of a holding pattern. Basically our move to Sydney was a career opportunity for Braino, to head up a new Sydney branch of the company he works for. He’s an electrician who specialises in civil infrastructure but is now more so in a management / business development role. It's all the road / rail tunnels which are being built in Sydney that have provided the opportunity for growth and now that the Sydney branch is a thriving team of approx 40 employees across 4 major tunnels, the sights are set on duplicating the same success in Melbourne, where two more tunnels are underway. While I ave grown to love Sydney and will be so sad to leave, I also thrive on change and love a challenge plus exploring a new city is clearly something I love. Plus we also have immediate family in Melbourne so it will be nice to be surrounded by a bit of a family support network, something we have been managing without for the last 18 months. At this stage, the Melbourne move is still in planning and discussion phase, but likely to happen before the end of the year... maybe.. who knows! So that's been a pretty big factor in the fizzling out of this Sydney themed blog... perhaps I'll start afresh in Melbourne or perhaps I'll incorporate more of my health and lifestyle interests as well.

But there you have it - an in-depth update on what's been happening in our life. 



Photos from our (not so recent) visit to Q Station Manly