Learn & Play! teamlab Future Park at The Powerhouse Museum

Learn & Play! teamlab Future Park at the Powerhouse Museum is an amazing, innovative exhibition for the whole family. Described as a digital playground, Future Park combines light, art and technology in an incredibly interactive way. 

The Powerhouse Museum has been a weekend favourite of ours since moving to Sydney; there is always so much there to entertain a toddler (The Wiggle Exhibit being the main drawcard). This was actually the second time we visited Future Park, the first time Farley and I came with my friend and her little 18 month old. This time we had our husbands along for a combined family day out. (And Hallie of course - although technically she was with us the first time). I'm not sure who had more fun, the toddlers or the dads! 

Farley loves colouring so naturally she was captivated by the exhibits were you can colour in an image with crayons, scan it and the image then appears on one of the large screens, animated and interacting with all the other scanned characters. The Sketch People sections allows you to bring a person to life, which is similar to the Sketch Town section where you can create cars, trucks, and rockets. The Graffiti Nature area is an amazing section where you can bring a variety of creatures to life and watch them crawl around a big pit like sapce that you can climb up and slide down. The Light Ball Orchestra, where huge illuminated balls change colour when you touch them, was a huge hit with everyone. There was a smaller ball section, ideal for little ones, as the bigger area does get pretty hectic with enthusiastic older kids. 

The Hopscotch for Geniuses and the Connecting: Block Town sections were also wonderful for our inquisitive toddlers. All the bright moving images that react to your touch had our little ones mesmerised.  It's kind of mindblowing to think that while this sort of technology is amazing to us as parents, it will be pretty primative compared to the kind of technology our kids are going to grow up using. 

Learn and Play! teamlab Future Park is one of the best museum exhibition I've been to! It's not often that together; children and adults can create, interact and immerse themselves in such a sensory way. It is, however, quite difficult to photograph, in order to really do it justice. Hopefully my photos below give you a good idea. 

Braino's verdit: This is way better than that exhibit we went to at the Art Gallery! (He's referring to Pipilotti Rist: Sip My Ocean)




  • Where: The Powerhouse (The Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) 500 Harris Street, Ultimo, NSW, 2007
  • When: Learn & Play! teamlab FUTURE PARK is on until the 30th of April 2018
  • Cost: Adults - $28, Concessions - $22, Child(4 - 16 years) $17.50, Child (Under 4 - Free) The Future Park tickets also include asscess to the rest of the Powerhouse Museum. It is recommended to book tickets in advance during weekends and school holidays. 
  • Pram Friendly?: The Powerhouse Museum is very pram friendly however prams are not permitted in the Future Park exhibition. Prams are required to be checked in at the cloak room outside the entrance. Bring a carrier for smaller bubs. 

Check out the website for further information - maas.museum/event/future-park/