Luna Park is Sydney’s iconic amusement park that sits on the edge of the harbour, right under the northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The giant face has been recognisable since it was first built in 1935 and has withstood some tumultuous reincarnations over the years (think deaths, fires and demolition, oh my! the history of Luna Park is quite fascinating). Despite that, Luna Park has been a place for carnival stye family fun for many years and it’s been on my list of places to visit since we move to Sydney. But my big question was; is it toddler and baby friendly?

First and foremost, the best thing to know about Luna Park Sydney is it’s free to enter, you just pay for the rides you go on. The atmosphere of Luna Park just screams families fun; it's that old time fair ground feel - the lights, the colours, the music, the sounds of the rides. It’s a total sensory overload for a little one, so visiting Luna Park will definitely excite, even if you just go in and enjoy an ice-cream. 

As for the rides, while there is so many to choose from for kids and adults, the only two that a little two year old can go on is the carousel and the ferris wheel. We purchased 1 Unlimited Rides Pass - Red for $22 which allows a guest from 85-105cm unlimited amounts of rides all day. Technically Farley could ride with us accompanied for free so Braino went on the carousel with her and I went on the ferris wheel with her. (We were a bit sneaky and just use the one wristband between the two of us) We could have purchased individual tickets for both the rides for $10 each but Braino opted to get the unlimited pass just incase we wanted to do a ride twice.

Farley absolutely loved the carousel! As soon as she saw it, she was so excited about the ponies and just wanted to go for a ride. However, she was too little to sit on one of the ponies but could sit in the sleigh. But she still had the biggest grin on her face. I was keen to take her on the ferris wheel, and to also take photos of the spectatular view from the top. I was half expecting her to get a bit frightened, but it was actually me who had a little anxiety about being so high in the air, especially when it came to a stop at the top. Farley just peered over the edge, down at the rides below, like it was the most natural thing ever. Once we were back on solid ground, she enjoyed watching the street performers but was not too keen to do the classic clown mouth game. (But who could blame her, those things are a little creepy).

Hallie enjoyed cruising around in the pram and having a feed while we watched the street performers. We took it in turns to go on a ride with Farley so one of us could wait with Hallie, but we probably could have taken her on the ferris wheel, wearing her in the ergo carrier which we also had with us. I did see people leaving prams at the base of the ferris wheel. 

So our verdict is; Luna Park Sydney is definitely worth a visit with a toddler. You don’t need a lot of time, an hour or so is plenty to enjoy the fair ground atmosphere. Combining a visit to Luna Park with a ferry ride is a great way to fill out an afternoon on Sydney Harbour. My tip would be - bring the grandparents along so they can stay with your little ones while you enjoy more of the adult rides! 



  • Getting there: The Milson's Point ferry terminal is within meters of the front entrance, a bus stop is only a short distance away and the Milsons Point train station is only a 10 minute walk away. Although it is uphill from Luna Park to the train station. If you do want to drive, Luna Park has it's own car park. The most you will pay is $39 for any visit over four hours. More information can be found on Luna Park's website.
  • Pram friendly?: Yes, we didn't encounter any stairs and it wasn't very crowded. I would recommend that if you have a baby and a toddler - its definitely a two adult outing, however, if its just you, your toddler and your pram, it seemed pretty safe to leave your pram off to the side while on the ferris wheel and carousel.
  • Toilets & baby change facilities: There are plenty of public toilets but it was pretty lacking in parents rooms - from what we could find.
  • Address: Luna Park Sydney - 1 Olympic Drive, Milson Point, NSW, 2061

Plenty more information is available at Luna Park Sydney's website.