Hey there, we are the Brains - Laura, Braino and our babybrain #1, Farley. And babybrain #2 - arriving January 2018.

We recently relocated from Brisbane to the Upper Northshore of Sydney for Braino's job and while our weekdays look like your pretty average 'working dad, stay at home mum' sort of life, we have been dedicating our weekends to discovering as much of Sydney as possible, savouring that feeling of being on holidays while we explore a new city and create some wonderful family memories. 

Prior to moving, I was a freelance videographer, who specialised in weddings and also dabbled in photography. I had studied Film and Television Production at university and had also worked for many years in the advertising industry.  As much as I do love that line of work, I have to admit, once I had Farley, my whole life perspective changed and I loved being a mum more. It was bit of a juggling act trying to keep up with work, a baby and a husband who was doing fly in / fly out work. So the move to Sydney has provided us with the opportunity to create a more balanced life for our new family, and also a chance for me it hit pause on my work life and re-evaluate which direction I'd like to take my career in.

So with my ultimate dream job of 'Documentary Filmmaker' on the back burner for a while, I asked myself, what other career would I want to work towards? Second on the dream job list was 'Travel Photographer and Writer', which, at first, I laughed off.  I mean, how ridiculous, I'm now a stay at home mum. How would I ever become a travel journalist? Prior to parenthood, Braino and I had shared some amazing travel adventures - hiking to Machu Picchu, mountain bike riding down Death Road in Bolivia, road tripping around the United States, snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies. And even prior to married life, I backpacked solo around Thailand, volunteered in Cambodia and explored Egypt with my childhood best friend. But my current life certainly doesn't resemble anything like that - it's all about playgroup, playgrounds and playdates! 

I was already spending a large amount of time researching 'things to do in Sydney with a toddler' and talking to the local mums at playgroup about what they get up to on the weekends with their kids. I'm quite passionate about providing Farley with educational, outdoor experiences; so naturally, the hours of research lead me to some wonderfully resourceful blogs and websites and opened up the whole niche market of family travel.  I thought to myself, 'Hey, I could do that. Why not start where I can and work with what I've got'. 

So here we are; Baby Brain Sydney. I've created this blog mainly as a hobby, to motivate me to keep up my passion for photography ( and video production from time to time) and my love for tinkering around with web design. And also an outlet to further develop my writing skills. It's part journal, part travel blog , designed to, not only share our life in Sydney with friends and family, but  also provide a resource for other parents who may be looking for ways to get out and about with their babies in Sydney. Whether you're holidaying in Sydney or you've recently moved to Sydney or maybe you have lived here all your life but have just had a baby and are seeing the city in a whole new way - you'll find something of interest here on Baby Brain Sydney. 


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